What is happening?????

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What is happening?????

Post by Racquel » 08 Mar 2012, 07:27

Can anyone please tell me what all this e-mail below is all about (received today). Why aren't people paying? What is happening at FLC? I can be contacted at
rm.whitehouse@yahoo.co.uk if you would prefer to take this off-line.

Many thanks

Dear Owners ,
I am writing to you as we at Best BG Rentals LTD are very concerned about what is going on in FLC .
As per the contract we have with the Managing Council for maintenance we have the following duties :

1. Organizing the internal order in FLC Complex and common areas;
2. Technical maintenance of the common areas and installations of the buildings, the green area and parking lot;
3. organization of security in the complex ;
4. Organization of the sanitary - hygiene service in the complex and the common areas of the 4 buildings .

For the listed above obligations owners at FLC should pay maintenance fee of 8 euro incl VAT per sq.m of the property they own till end of 31.01.2012.

We would like to inform you that till today we have received the maintenance fee from just around 12 owners and it is already March . Still we continue paying salaries , cleaning and maintaining the complex.

We have prepared and given a report of the expenses to the managing council about last year which clearly shows that to Maintain FLC has serious on going expenses which can not be avoided.
We believe that the council, mainly in the face of Mr Lambden ( in close relations and support of Petia ) misleads all the owners to serve their own plans, which we really do not want to discuss in this e mail.

The main point is that we are unable to maintain FLC being such a huge place with many problems when the owners are not paying their maintenance fee. Whatever is the intention of two or three people with strange ambitions, owners should be aware that FLC needs real care and this can not be free.
As you all know and as we have warned you before the winter due to the cold and the really low building standards in FLC in many apartments the water meters got frozen and leakages damaged many apartments. Our stuff was checking as many apartments as possible on daily basis to minimize the damages although this is not our obligation according to the contract we have for maintenance. We have appealed to the owners in the beginning of the winter to isolate the vertical water pipes reaching the water meters to avoid freezing but unfortunately we didn't get response. The only thing that could be done when the weather is - 20 is to turn your heating on which will be a serious cost for electricity. So ... when any of the owners has a leakage because of frozen pipes - this is really not our fault or responsibility .

This e mail we write to clarify a few points :

1. First we do perform all the duties we have according to the maintenance contract :

2. Second we do not get paid on time and many people still do not pay their maintenance fees. This puts us on the edge and in situation that we can not cover the expenses of the complex. The managing Council does not assist in any issue. We have provided a list of non payers . We have asked them numerous time to take care for the expenses of the urgent and unexpected damages on the water system which we have fixed on our expense and the council has promised to cover . Till today - nothing happen .

3. We want to alert the owners that there is some kind of intrigue that Mr Lambden and Petia are organizing as they want to provide the maintenance .

4. All we want from the owners is to demand from the managing council a responsible attitude as FLC needs regular maintenance and if we are not getting paid we can not continue providing it on our own expenses. We believe we do our job good , although we try to save in order to manage all the costs with less money . We need to know where we stand as soon as possible .
We have legal rights according to the contract we have and all owners who haven't paid are already breaking the contract. This responsibility is personal for every owner .
5. We believe that it is time the owners pay a bit more attention to the people they have chosen to represent them. Ask them what they have done for the complex and for your interests as owners?
6. We at Best BG Rentals will stop providing the services for security , cleaning and all we do as per the contract withing this week and will ask for the costs we had for the last 3 months through the court , if the owners do not take any actions and control the managing council.

Thank you for your time for reading this.

Kind regards
Zlatka Georgieva

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