Conflict of Interest - Cost Centres

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Mike Lambden

Conflict of Interest - Cost Centres

Post by Mike Lambden » 15 Jul 2010, 17:32

Conflict of Interest - Cost Centres

Most of us are "Professional People" and have have either worked for (maybe even Own/Run) Companies in The UK that "Operate Separate Cost Centres"??

Accounting Structures where Each Element of a Process/Business is "Fully Accounted For"!

I "Don't need to explain all The Ins and Out"... ( :? Google It !)

Needless to Say: "We The Owners" NEED TO See That FLC is "Being Run Effectively" AND Efficiently!

Maintenance, Rentals, Security, Cleaning etc. etc.
Should Each have Separate Accounts/Books
Each Cost Centre e.g. Security should have it's own "Balance Sheet" Listing:
etc. etc.

These in turn are "Cross Charged" to other Cost Centres etc. etc.

A FULL AND DETAILED Account of "Each Area of FLC Operation" should be easily be "Identified and its Full Costs Stated".

Common Parts for example:
I (anyone looking at "The Books") "Should Be Able to see" say "Corridor Lighting for Block A"
This in turn would list:
Electricity Used (and YES There IS a Separate CEZ Meter for This!!)
Replacement Lamps
etc. etc.

This Would then be Apportioned and Cross Charged to "Rentals" and "Common Parts"..etc etc.

:!: NONE OF THIS IS "Rocket Science", Every Successful (Legal) Business does this AND NEEDS TO "Do This TO SURVIVE"!? :!:

Basic Computer (Even FREE On-Line Office) Software does this "For You"!

:!: Everyone Here "Wants to Know": Where Each Penny/Stotinki is Owed To or Earned From :!:

Again: "Common Parts Electricity" SHOULD Be "Broken Down Into" / Listing Every Meter Reading for Each Area..

The "Bills / Invoices" CAN NOT Just be "Lumped Together"

:?: Anyway You Get The Picture :?:

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