Maintenance & Plans for FLC

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Maintenance & Plans for FLC

Post by bsalley » 11 Aug 2010, 02:28

Hi Kyle & Team

in order to convince the non-payers to pay their maintenance fees, I recommend that when you communicate with them that you explain why and what the maintenance monies are used for. This may seem obvious but perhaps some of the Owners aren't bothered paying unless they are really challenged. Also a few photos of FLC complex would also help convince people to pay. Perhaps you could include a posting on this forum also. What are the plans for next season? Are you taking bookings? If so, what can be done differently in order to make a profit as opposed to a loss? Maybe some of the owners aren't sure that the complex is maintained at all, so photos would be great. Can you confirm that you have correct contact details for all Owners? It is critical that you have contacts for all Owners. What can we do to help you?

Looking forward to your feedback

Breda (A-3-8)

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