the new season approaches

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the new season approaches

Post by sllim55 » 10 Nov 2011, 03:23

and what is happening at FLC?

Does anybody know what is happening, are any staff there yet, do we have any bookings (please), and what is new for 2011/2012 season

any info would be good

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Re: the new season approaches

Post by graham » 10 Nov 2011, 21:29

Dear Slim55.

Please contact:
to ensure that you get latest news and updates direct from other FLC owners.

"Best BG" have confirmed to several owners that "they WILL NOT be doing ANY Rentals for this coming Winter Season"!!

Please read the replies to your Topic "what is happening at FLC":
.....particularly the copy of an email to sent to most owners by "Best BG".

The "Guest Facilities":
Pool, Spa, Restaurant, Mehana, e.t.c. will NOT be opening this season.

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Re: the new season approaches

Post by sllim55 » 22 Nov 2011, 07:34

just sent this to FLC owners email but thought i would put it here as well to see if i get a quicker response. I really need to rent my studio this year (and i am sure most of you do as well) so we need asnwers soonest so we can decide what to do

Hope all is well with yourselves but things don’t look good for FLC in my opinion. I have the emails from them but can see nothing about they are not renting for us or the closure of the services so thought I would email you to get an answer. So can you confirm that

1: we have to rent our studio/apartments ourselves
2: is the pool, spa, restaurant open?
3. If we do rent ourselves what services are FLC doing? Are they offering a cleaning service, do they provide towels and toiletries as before? Do they look after our guests when they arrive with a key and help like a normal reception?
4. What do we charge our guests? Will FLC want anything from the rental fees? Are they going to invoice us for all the normal things like maintenance and taxes and electric as before.

Anything else gratefully received. Why are we having to do this. Have Petia, Kyle and Milena given up over there? Have we wasted a lot of money on something that will never give us an income – just a very expensive holiday room for ourselves and family to use.

Look forward to your answer soonest please so I can work out what to do

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Re: the new season approaches

Post by fozzy1958 » 23 Nov 2011, 04:40

Hi, can't answer the questions but you've summed uop well what many of us are thinking and the answers we need. There is no information from anywhere and as someone who has paid service/maintenance charges it is disapointing to say the least

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Re: the new season approaches

Post by admin » 03 Dec 2011, 03:42

Dear owners,

As we stated, in one e-mail that we sent to all owners, we are working on bringing an investment in FLC so we can make it better and increase the level of the place. By enlarging the spa center and making more facilities we will be able to ask for higher prices.

The electricity in FLC is great expense as it is at the moment. Any of you who will rent, using the current heating options - radiators on electricity, will face loss from electricity expenses. Especially when the agent who is renting does not offer a breakfast and spa, they will sell your apartments for even lower price which guarantees that you will loose from that. You might take some money at the moment but then when the time to pay the electricity comes you will see that the balance will be negative.

Even if you hire the best rental agency and they are perfectly genuine it is a simple math and they can not do miracles. The competition in Bansko is great and hotels with great facilities offer quite low prices. Most of the hotels and apart-hotels have better facilities and more efficient heating.

So when renting your apartments in their current state, it will not be wise to expect to make any profit, not to mention that most likely you will face a loss.

The negotiations with the investors that we were able to attract are at a very advanced stage. So most likely in the summer of 2012 we will start with the improvements in FLC and hopefully everything will be ready for the season 2012 - 2013, and then we can expect good results.

I know that most of the owners are tired of paying every year for something that they were expecting to earn from. Best Bg Rentals Ltd. invested a significant amount in this complex already and we will do our best to make this place working, so as long as we all play on the same side and we are in one team we will achieve this. In fact we have invested much more than any one of the owners at flc taken separately.

I am ready to answer any questions that you have.

Zhelyazko Georgiev
Management Team of Best Bg Rentals Ltd.

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