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Official Owners Meeting

Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 07:37
by Kyle
Dear Owners,
More than a month ago we had a meeting with Mike and Graham on which we have agreed that it would be good that FLC owners organize a meeting. It was announced in the Forum also! End of September was suggested by Mike. So I believe it is not a surprise for anyone who follows FLC news. Anyway in case you want to do it at a later stage - we are ok with this also. Just you have to realize that from such a meeting the owners will benefit a lot !
Now some legal details which predetermine the purpose of such assembly! . Since 2009 there is a new law that determines the management of the common owned properties ( not sure if this is the expression for buildings consisting of many apartments owned by different owners)
This law gives a lot of powers which provide to the owners different and very efficient sources to deal with the management of their place and to sort out problems with owners who don't pay their share of the expenses . For example 67 % of the owners can expel an owner who is not obeying the accepted rules, from the complex. First step anyway is that the owners have to choose their management comity which can only consist of owners and their complex ( block) MUST BE REGISTERED according to the law. There are quite a few legal procedures that should be held during such a meeting also.
As every owner has right to vote according to the common areas that he owns , in order to choose a comity and a management team you need to gather owners who own more than 51% of the common areas.
We realize that this is very difficult to be done this is why we decided that we may assist in the organization part.
Please let us clarify something: at this point we are not an official participant in this meeting as we are not owners in FLC. We can not vote , decide or have any effect in your decisions. Anyway we will be there to tell you what FLC really needs as we are there one year and are facing and solving all the problems.
After you vote for a management team and have your own ruling sources and after FLC would be officially recognized and registered under the new law, then we will offer you our ideas how we can manage and maintain FLC efficient and cheaper on your behalf. Then if you decide that our offer is good we can sign new contracts which will guarantee our agreement.
I believe that from the above everyone realizes that by organizing an owners meeting and registering FLC under the new law the owners will have the freedom to take the decisions for FLC alone . This is entirely in your favor. You will ask why we want this meeting ? Because we want to meet you and want to share the problems with all of you ! Because we believe that if there is real system and owners are responsible we can manage FLC very well and we can all benefit from this. If the owners at FLC manage to gather and take common decisions we know that we can be of great help in making this place work as we know it so well and we are aware of all its problems.
So please everyone who is willing to visit let us know . If you decide that a later date is better - propose one !
Also there was an idea for a letter of attorney with which someone can represent you at the meeting ! Is this ok for you ? Do you have someone that you want to be your representative? In general the most important thing is to know if we can gather the owners of 51 % of the common areas . Otherwise all your time will be wasted and all efforts in vain.
After all if owners at FLC don't go through this procedure in force are your maintenance contracts . They work good for you in case all the owners pay their maintenance fee. Just we are afraid that the problem with non paying owners will remain and we will struggle to maintain the place and you the diligent , caring owners will be unhappy with us and we will be angry that we put so much efforts and earn absolutely nothing but vice versa and you are still not pleased..... This is a vicious circle and we see in the new law a way to go out of it by creating order in FLC .