A second gondola lift in Bansko is about to be built

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A second gondola lift in Bansko is about to be built

Post by admin » 07 Apr 2018, 09:23

A week after the Bulgarian government took a decision to give a green light for the expansion of the ski zone in Bansko and gave permission for the construction of the second gondola lift in Bansko. The investor company Ulen gave out the project. It is showing that there will be 10 seats cabins with total capacity of 3000 people per hour and total length of 5.8 km.

Ulen claim that over 8 years ago they got in touch with leading cableway manufacturers in search of a solution of the problem with the queues of skiers and showboarders in Bansko.

The new line will start from a point close to the the existing gondola station. The route from it to the intermediate station in the area Chalin Vlog is going almost parallel to the existing line and after the intermediate station it continues to the area Shiligarnika pointed as a second natural center of the ski zone. The main idea is to avoid queues at the station in Banderishka Polyana.

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